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The statues on this list are immense and unfamiliar. Just for comparison, the Statue of Liberty would be all the way down at number 38 on this list!

12.The Motherland Calls, 87m, Russia

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Mamayev Monument, is a statue in Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd, Russia, commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. Height is 87 metres from the tip of its sword to the top of the plinth. The figure itself measures 52 metres, and the sword 33 metres.  It is the tallest statue of a woman in the world.
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When the memorial was completed in 1967 it was the tallest sculpture in the world.[map]

11.Grand Buddha at Ling Shan, 88m, China

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The Grand Buddha  is located at the south of the Longshan Mountain, near Mashan, town of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China. It is one of the largest Buddha statues in China and also in the world.

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At more than 88 metres high, the Grand Buddha at Ling Shan is a bronze Sakyamuni standing Buddha outdoor, weighing over 700 tons. It was completed in the end of 1996. [map]

10.Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park, 88 m , Japan

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The Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park is a statue in Ashibetsu, Japan. The statue also depicts Kannon, or the bodhisattva Guanyin. It stands 88m tall and its construction was completed in 1989. [map]

9.Great Buddha of Thailand, 92 m, Thailand
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The Great Buddha of Thailand, also known as The Big Buddha, The Big Buddha of Thailand, Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin, and Mahaminh Sakayamunee Visejchaicharn, is the tallest statue in Thailand, and the ninth tallest in the world.

Located in the Wat Muang Monestary in Ang Thong province, this big buddha Thailand statue stands 92 m  high, and is 63 m wide. Construction commenced in 1990, and was completed in 2008. It is painted gold and made of cement.[map]

8.Peter the Great Statue, 98 m, Russian
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The Peter the Great Statue is a 98-metre-high monument to Peter the Great, located at the western confluence of the Moskva River and the Vodootvodny Canal in central Moscow. It was designed by the Georgian designer Zurab Tsereteli to commemorate 300 years of the Russian Navy, which Peter the Great established. It was erected in 1997 and is the eighth tallest statue in the world. It weighs around 1,000 tons.[map]

7.Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin of Weishan, 99 m, China

Guishan Guanyin of the Thousand Hands and Eyes is the fourth tallest statue in China, and the seventh tallest in the world. This gilded bronze monument depicting Avalokitesvara stands 99 m tall, and is located in Weishan, Changsha, Hunan, People's Republic of China.[map]

6.Sendai Daikanno, 100 m, Japan

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Sendai Daikannon, located in Sendai, Japan, is the sixth tallest statue in the world at 100 meters (328 feet). An elevator takes tourists to the top of the statue, which depicts the Japanese Buddhist Bodhisattva Kannon.[map]

5.Emperors Yan and Huang, 106 m, China

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The_sculptures of the Emperors Yan and Huang are the sixth tallest statues in the world at 106 meters. They depict two of the earliest Chinese emperors, Yan Di and Huang Di. The construction lasted 20 years and was completed in 2007. They are located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, People's Republic of China. [map]

4.Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya, 108 m, China
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The Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya is a 108-metre statue of the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (better known as Guanyin in East Asia), sited on the south coast of China's island province Hainan near the Nanshan Temple of Sanya. This is currently the fourth tallest statue in the world (many of which are Buddhist statues) and the tallest statue of Guanyin in the world.

The statue took six years to build and was enshrined on April 24, 2005, with the participation of 108 eminent monks from various Buddhist groups in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China, and tens of thousands of pilgrims.[map]

3.Ushiku Daibutsu, 110 m, Japan

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Ushiku Daibutsu is a statue located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Completed in 1993, it stands a total of 120 metres tall, including the 10 m base and 10m lotus platform. An elevator takes visitors up 85 m to an observation floor.

It_was built to commemorate the birth of Shinran, founder of the Jōdo Shinshū or "True Pure Land School" of Buddhism. [map]

2.Laykyun Setkyar, 116 m, Burma

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The Laykyun Setkyar is the second tallest statue in the world at 116 metres. This statue of Gautama Buddha stands on a 13.5 metres throne located in the village of Khatakan Taung, near Monywa, Myanmar. Construction began in 1996 and was completed on 21 February 2008.It was built by the Chief Abbot Ven. Nãradã, who died on the 22nd of November, 2006. [map]

1.Spring Temple Buddha, 128, China

The Spring Temple Buddha is a statue depicting Vairocana Buddha located in the Zhaocun township of Lushan County, Henan, China, built from 1997 to 2008. It is located within the Fodushan Scenic Area, close to National Freeway no. 311. At 128 m, which includes a 20 m lotus pedestal, it is the tallest statue in the world. [map]


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