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This is a list of 12 longest bridges in the world. It is interesting to note that most of the longest bridges in world are present in China. These are the true examples of excellent engineering by mankind.

12.Shanghai Maglev line · 29,908 m (98,123 ft) · China
image by alex
This 30 km long span of elevated track runs from Pudong International airport to the Shanghai city outskirts where passengers can transfer to the metro.

11.Donghai Bridge · 32,500 m (106,600 ft) · China
image by zhang
Donghai Bridge is one of the longest cross-sea bridges in the world. It has a total length of 32.5 kilometres (20.2 mi) and connects mainland Shanghai and the offshore Yangshan deep-water port in China.

10.Runyang Bridge · 35,660 m (116,990 ft) · China
image by zang
Rung Yang Bridge is situated in China. It was constructed in 2005. This is the tenth longest bridge of the world. It is 35,660m long.

9.Hangzhou Bay Bridge · 35,673 m (117,037 ft) · China
image by zeller
At 35.673 km (22 mi) in length, Hangzhou Bay Bridge is one of the longest trans-oceanic bridges in the world.

8.Yangcun Bridge · 35,812 m (117,493 ft) · China
image by wiki
This beautiful Bridge was constructed on the river of  Yangtze and as well constructed for an important mission. Its construction was completed in 2007.  Its length is 36.6km

7.Manchac Swamp bridge · 36,710 m (120,440 ft) · United States
image by melanie
The total length of this bridge is  36,710 meters (120,440 feet). It is one of the longest bridge in the world over water.  Its piles were driven 250 feet (76 meter)beneath the swamp and the cost of the span about  $7 million per mile to complete. The total width of this bridge about 95 km and it carries  It’s represent one – third of the highway’s approximately 66 miles in Louisiana.

6.Lake Pontchartrain Causeway · 38,442 m (126,122 ft) · United States
image by arthur
The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, or the Causeway, consists of two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana, United States. The longer of the two bridges is 23.83 miles (38.35 km) long. It is the longest bridge in the world that runs continuously over water.

5.Beijing Grand Bridge · 48,153 m (157,982 ft) · China
image by edward
The  Beijing Grand Bridge is also one of the longest bridge at the position of fifth in world ranking. The Beijing Grand Bridge is first high speed longest bridge in the world. Beijing Grand Bridge is 48.153 km (29.921 miles) long railway viaduct on the Beijing – Shanghai high speed railway.

4.Bang Na Expressway · 54,000 m (177,000 ft) · Thailand
image by uwe
The Bang Na Expressway is a 55 km long six-lane elevated highway in Thailand. It is often considered to be one of the longest bridges in the world (until 2010 the longest) but it is excluded from some lists since it does not cross a body of water for most of its length. The largest body of water that it crosses is the Bang Pakong River.

3.Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge · 79,732 m (261,588 ft) · China
image by wiki
The Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is placed Zhenggzhou in the china country. It is one of the longest high speed rail bridge. The main span of these bridge nearly about 80 meter (260 feet). The total length of this bridge is 79,732 meter (261,588 feet). It is long crossing the Wei river twise as well as many other rivers. The bridge was complected in 2008 but the railway line itself didnot open until february 6, 2010. It was surpassed by two new bridges on Beijing –  Shanghai high speed railway that was complected in 2010.

2.Tianjin Grand Bridge · 113,700 m (373,000 ft) · China

image by wuyouyuan
This is the second longest bridge of the world as mentioned in the Guinness book of world record. It is also located in people republic of China. This is as well a high speed Railway bridge. It is completed in 2010 and opened in 2011. Its total length is 113,700m.

1.Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge · 164,800 m (540,700 ft) · China
image by real
The Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge was placed in the rail line between Shanghai and Nanjing in East China. The bridge was complected in 2010 and opened in june 30, 2011. The total construction over used minimum four years works on nearly about 10,000 people. The total cost of these bridge is nearly about  $8.5 billion.  Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge  is currently holds the Guinness World Record for the  longest bridge in the world in any category.


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  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    At some point these stop being bridges and become elevated roadways, I would limit the term "bridge" to only those structures traversing bodies of water.

  2. Picture for no.1 is not the Danyang-Kunstan Bridge - it is a ROAD bridge ! This is the Qingdao Jiaozhou Bridge