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Huge clouds of mosquitoes were playing in a village near Myadel.

Yesterday afternoon near the village of Nikoltsy Myadel district, Minsk region local resident saw enormous clouds of mosquitoes. Witnessed the unusual phenomenon was Dennis Sour. The guy was not taken aback by what he saw and took pictures, reported

"This is not the worst thing that was - the camera was on hand only about three hours later - said Denis. - These images are just what I've managed to capture. Buzz mosquito was terrible, so that machines could not be heard. "

According to the guy, he oversaw the invasion is only a village on the banks of Nikoltsy Naroch. Such activity of mosquitoes are likely related to the weather.

"As I understand it, they are still harmless, otherwise I would have bitten the whole" - says an eyewitness of the event.

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