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Everything you ever wanted to know about cocaine, in infographic form Facts about Cocaine

Via: Pharmacy Technician


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  1. Ok.. 1000 tons a year produced.. in pounds is 1000 tons X 2000 lbs per ton = 2 million pounds a year.
    Weekly users are 500,000 people times 52 weeks = 26,000,000 users a year.

    Now I know it's not always the same 500,000 people every week, but say it was, that would be 26 million / 2 million is 13 lbs person per year. So then the average cocaine user uses 13 pounds per year. There are 16 oz in a pound, and about 28 grams per ounce. So 28 grams X 16oz in a pound X 13 pounds = 5824g a year times the average $90 a gram price is $524,160 per year per person. That's a lot of disposable income, oh and you'd think there would be a lot more people not with us anymore! So that being said I think the number of users every week could be a bit low. What do you think?