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Phonsavan (or Phonsavan) and the Plain Of Jars has probably one of the saddest stories in Laos. The city lies in a valley the borders Vietnam on the east. Phonsavan itself is not really worth a visit, it's still a rough dirt town with nothing much that makes you happy. However, the surrounding valley is spectacular for two reasons: the Plain of Jars and the crater holes as a result of heavy bombing.

Archaeologists believe that the jars were used 1,500–2,000 years ago, by an ancient civilization whose culture is now totally unknown.­Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_01 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_02 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_03 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_04 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_05 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_06 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_07 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_08 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_09 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_10 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_11 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_12 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_14 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_15 Plain-of-Jars_Phonsavan_16


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