/ / Giant Bathing Woman Sculpture in Hamburg

The real name of the massive woman in a Hamburg, Germany, lake is actually "Die Badende" ("The Bather"), and she's an ad for British beauty brand Soap & Glory.

The sculpture of a blonde head and two knees poking out of the water, unashamedly sitting in full view in the middle of a lake, has, like all good public artwork, quickly provoked reaction and debate.

"Die Badende" is the work of art creator Oliver Voss. It's almost 13 feet high, 67 feet long and weighs two tons.

The sculpture is made from a steel cage covered with Styrofoam almost a foot thick, which is then covered by a layer of special filler sealed with a polyester resin.

Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg01 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg02 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg03 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg04 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg05 06 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg06 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg07 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg08 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg09 Giant_Bathing_Woman-Sculpture-in- Hamburg10


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