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Its hard to say whether these cakes taste good, but I wouldnt be eager to try one of them. Maybe that heart cake and cake with eyes are delicious but still they look more disgusting then delicious. However, the imagination of their cooks is slightly twisted.


Okay – this sounds like a strange topic I am sure, but we all love food and we all love bizarre stuff. So here we have a list which nicely combines both. Maybe these cakes will give you some good ideas for your next big party.

bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_02 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_03 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_04 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_05 OMG Bizarre Birthday Cakes Photos (3) bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_06bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_08 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_09 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_10 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_11 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_12 bizarre_birthday_weird_ccakes_13


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