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Hay fever sufferers can now see the face of their invisible enemy - thanks to these Scanning Electron Microscope images of pollen grains. A Swiss scientists named Martin Oeggerli, who uses the name Micronaut for his art, uses a Scanning Electron Microscope in his cellar to capture images of pollen grains. This picture shows a grain of willow pollen wedged between flower petals


Pollen or dust allergy is a nasty thing. Itching, swelling, runny nose are common. The worst of the affected can even succumb to seizures. But pollen grains are also the medium of reproduction in plants and under the microscope you can but only appreciate the beauty of it. This gallery features false-color scanning electron microscope pictures of pollen grains like you have never seen before. amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_02 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_03 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_04 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_05 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_06 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_07 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_08 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_09 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_10 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_11 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_12 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_13 amazing_pollen_grains_under_microscope_14


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