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These amazing pigs swim every day in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas - on their own tiny island where they live in luxury. They show off their piggy-paddle to visitors who flock to their beach to see the extraordinary site of wild pigs making a splash in the beautiful azure sea. Their exploits have been captured on camera by photographer and ocean guide, Jim Abernethy, 52, from Florida, who first stumbled across the feral creatures a couple of years ago.As this collection of photographs shows, the pigs are remarkably well adapted to their beach bum lifestyle of frolicking the water and lazing on the sand.

happy pigs 01

Pig Island, or Big Major Cay as it is officially known, is blessed with a natural water spring and is sheltered by a string of neighbouring islands that protects it from waves caused by tropical storms. The pigs are thought to have been introduced to the island by passing sailors who may have thought they would make a good food source. However, the sailors never returned and now all the lucky porkers have to worry about is where their next meal is coming from. The clever pigs have worked out that the crews of passing yachts regularly dump excess food into the sea.happy pigs 02

They are surprisingly strong swimmers. Even the younger piglets are totally at home in the water.happy pigs 03

They're even happy to swim alongside people.happy pigs 04

They uniquely live in complete harmony on their island paradise.happy pigs 05 happy pigs 06 happy pigs 07 happy pigs 08 happy pigs 09 Via:


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