The 25 Funniest Tombstones Of All Time

Posted by admin On 12/20/2010 2 comments

Nobody likes to die. It sucks because you don't get to find out who wins a lot of major sports championships that year and you miss out on the next exciting taste-explosion flavor of Doritos. You also crap your pants unintenionally and these creepy mortuary people put you in a fancy box and cover you in dirt. Personally, I'm just hoping one of these after life theories pans out and they have Direct TV wherever I go next.assman_tombstone_20091112_1028457716 atheist_20091112_1365415753 butt_brothers_tombstone_20091112_1571984395 bye_tombstone_20091112_2072248694 cell_phone_tombstone_20091112_1481211478 cheating_tombtstone_20091112_1640053161 dog_tombstone_20091112_1486868399 embarrassing_tombstone_20091112_1795017003 funny_john_tombstone_20091112_1695918624 funny_tombstone_2_20091112_1027127490 jack-lemmon-tombstone_20091112_1577751346 middle_finger_tombstone_20091112_1264359478 moore_butts_tombstone_20091112_1481992312 mvc-006s_20091112_1052365871 mvc-007s_20091112_1349820863 mvc-009s_20091112_1300229522 mvc-010s_20091112_1113730263 mvc-012s_20091112_1979173823 mvc-014s_20091112_1810518975 ok_suk_wang_tombstone_20091112_1077429546 pancake_tombstone_20091112_1104923713 rape_tombstone_20091112_1578076578 santa_claus_tombstone_20091112_1475939948 weed_tombstone_20091112_1686625456



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