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This is a list on the top 10 most dangerous places in the world – these are all places you might consider not visiting when planning your next holiday. Some of the items may be a little controversial, but you are, of course, free to ignore our advice and go anyway!

1. Somalia


This Horn of Africa country has been in the grip of warlords for the last decade, fighting for control of drug and weapon trafficking rights. Risks include military clashes, kidnapping, landmines and pirates.

2. Iraq


Military action, collateral damage, insurgency and suicide bombings are daily occurrences in the country. Security experts say unstable areas include Baghdad and stretch from Tikrit in the north to Hillah in the south and from Mandali in the east to Ramadi in the west.

3. Afghanistan


Even though the ruling Taliban regime was officially ousted in Afghanistan in 2001, attacks from those still loyal to it and to al Qaeda continue. Military personnel and civilians are killed by improvised explosive devices daily.

4. Haiti


Sharing the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with top vacation destination Dominican Republic, Haiti, the western hemisphere's poorest country, is plagued by civil unrest, police corruption and readily available firearms.

5. Pakistan


The country, which borders Afghanistan, suffers from ongoing geopolitical turmoil. Bomb attacks and rioting between Shia and Sunni Muslim communities are a threat. In December 2007, opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated during a suicide bombing after months of strife over delayed elections.

6. Sudan


Despite a peace agreement in 2005, areas of extreme danger due to battles between government troops and militias and local insurgent groups dot the country. Areas to avoid completely include the western region of Darfur, Ethiopian and Eritrean border regions and all of southern Sudan.

7. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Goldmining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

A civil war that formally ended in 2003 still affects the country. As Rwandan and Ugandan troops pulled out of DRC towards the end of the war, rival militias have been fighting each other to fill the power vacuum this created. Crime is rampant in major cities and security conditions can fluctuate drastically even within minor distances.

8. Lebanon


Culminating in the 2005 assassination of Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, Lebanon is split by pro- and anti-Syrian forces vying for control of the government. Other risks include military battles in the south with neighboring Israel and civil unrest.

9. Zimbabwe


Anti-western sentiment prominently expressed by officials, out-of-control inflation and oppression employed by the government to silence dissenting voices are common in Zimbabwe.

10. Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Territories

The region is caught in a brutal tug-of-war between pro-Fatah and pro-Hamas factions. Political and military battles with Israel, especially in the Gaza Strip, have made the security situation in this territory very unstable. Poverty and chronic violence add to the instability.


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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010

    every country has equally got there problems but you can't blame a country for being dangrous if you export volience there e.g. Pakistan, Iraq and Afganistan

  2. AnonymousJuly 31, 2010

    Black_ice your just an ignorant idiot
    hope you don't write much reports

  3. Please remove Lebanon from that list ... It is the most beautiful country in the whole world despite all of what happened over the years...Lebanon have always streched his wings and rise again and again like a is absolutely not the picture that u show . It is true he is in war with israel but it's only to defend his land. People in lebanon are friendly,open minded ,multi oriented sweet & generous ... please don't give a wrong image on that beautiful country!

  4. this report has no scientific basis, its just the posters opinion.

  5. this is truely a JEW who is writing this ... u ass ur countries are responsible for all bullshit in other countries .. GOD will punish u monsters

  6. why not India:19(out of 35) states are under miltary operation and terror attacks of Tamil tigers and other groups Average 15 solders die per day???
    Mexico:More than 30000 people dead last year??
    South Africa:Highest Gang rap rate in the world??

    the person who uploaded above rank is just an idiot(nothing else i can say).

  7. I can't believe the rise this list gets out of some people. Just because something is in print does not make it true. We all know this by now. Some person's opinion and probably undereducated at best...let it go.

  8. America and Israel the most dangerous countries in the hole world ... if Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan are dangerous its just because of America and Israel aggressive and offensive

  9. Ok, tell me this. If American Coalition Forces withdrew from Iraq. Would the people's suffering end, Would Al qaeda extremist leave, would the people be allowed to practice freedom and vote for their leaders without the fear of being killed, would children live to see the age of 7, and how well do you think justice or law and order would last before another uprising. Iraq is a broken city, why? Sadam, Why? Weapons of Mass Destruction, Genocide and many other War Crimes. Maybe your right, maybe Amreica should have just taken a back seat and we could all watch Iraq drown in it's own misery. I don't know about you people but if I had Terrorist hiding in my countries back yard I'd call the only ones capable of dealing with them, but you people must be content living with osama bin laden, who knows you probably vouch for the murderer of woman and children. AMWERICA WITHDRAW, WE TRIED TO HELP BUT THEY REFUSED OUR ASSISTANCE AND SPAT ON OUR CREST, OUR EMBLEM AND OUR FLAG. LET THEM DESTROY THEMSELVES. MAYBE THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER WITHOUT IRAQ. Because the more help you refuse the more you become extint and pre historic. You will inevitably become your own America this I garauntee. God help you and God help us all.

  10. Yeah but in mexico the people that die are because there involved in the mafia! Other places even little kids die for wearing the wrong thing so who ever said mexico et your facts straight!

  11. I hope many Americans read all these comments.This is how people feel about us.I truly believe we must withdraw all troops and all aid to these countries.We should not interfere with or have any more dealings with them.America does not need them.If they choose to attack us we can defend ourselves without setting foot in their countries.Wake up America.

  12. most of the countries are Muslim countries.. rofl

  13. "flew two planes into two Buildings ending innocent lives that were of no cause to you" - MATE GO SAY THIS TO THE REAL CULPRIT..... BUSH loool you take down your own towers and then say we did it, fuking retard you should be ashamed for beliving the media for what the stir inside your head, just because they're controlled by the freemasons doesn't mean YOU have to belive it...


  15. "et" your spelling straight...

  16. F u for the person who rated these countries D head

  17. Why isn't the Philippines on here?

  18. World Most Dangerous places:
    Civil war, kidnappings, & beautiful scenery. Algeria has everything you could ever want in a destination, well except for those first two.

    Brazil has long been known as a crime ridden locality. However things have now reached drastic proportions, with Brazil taking the dubious honour of being more dangerous than Iraq. Thanks largely to the recent spike in gang violence as highlighted by this spring's riots that gripped the entire state of Sao Paulo. This along with Brazil's ever deepening divide between rich & poor make Brazil one of the world's most dangerous nations to visit.

    Chechnya, Russia:
    Russia is quite a dangerous location in its own right,
    Colombia is a double threat, not only does a visitor to Colombia have to deal with crime.

    Sri Lanka
    Anyplace where the rebel group is so bold as to call themselves the Tigers has to make this list.
    United States:
    As a quick convenience store run in the nite will reveal to anyone, this is a dangerous country. The people are heavily armed, & prone to random outbursts of violence.
    Article written in whole by; Dakota Smith

  19. i don't think lebnon is from the mosy dangerous countries

  20. I guess mosad would kill you if you put israel on the list.

  21. lebanon isn't dangerous at all ive been there till the syrian borders and it is very safe oh and i live in sudan

  22. The basis for this opinion is "kill / death " that occured in a country (Statistically caused by gunFigthting or something simmiliar)

    , let's see it from another Perspective , such as : the complexity of healthcare or the numbers of crime , GunFighting of civilian in street , numbers of SexualRaping ,etc.

    Well , dangerous doesn't only mean the intense of military activity right ???

  23. No.1 America (they are invading everywhere the last decades)
    No.2 Israel (pussy robots of Americans)

  24. USA & ISRAEL are the only DANGEROUS countries on this planet,
    All the countries mentioned here are suffering due to these 2 countries.


  25. If from map of world 75% piece found on land Israel (terrorist group) occupies Muslim land and name as Israel.
    Shiite and sunni have some regional beliefs conflicts which is from 1400 year but we always live, work , eat and attend each other’s in happy occasions and as well as in time of sorrow we stand with each other.
    Terrorist only and only cause is Israel and America

  26. TALIBAN they are wild animals burst them they are illegal sons of prostitutes...kill them...but remember my all non Muslims bro/sis TALIBAN are terrorist they are not Muslims not even they are human

  27. Your top 10 list totally wrong.
    you try publish wrong massage to world.
    This Top 3 list.

    1. Israel
    2. America
    3. Mexico

    Don't look the Muslims as terrorist.

  28. MEXICO coulbe have a good place in this list

  29. You idiots... You who speak of violence, crime, and rape being the fault of two countries alone, while the rest of the world, the remainder of the over six billion people on this planet, are innocent. Or it being the fault of a certain ethnic group... You racist bastards can't seem to see past the tip of your own noses. Race, religion, and home country have very little to do with those issues. The issues come from the people in charge, from the individuals, and from the choices that we as individuals make. A white man and a black man, or an Asian man, or a Mid-Eastern man can all do the same damage. A Christian is no more or less dangerous than a Catholic, a Jew, a Muslim or an atheist. All of you, who speak only of other countries or other religions or races' corruptions and problems, but consider yourselves so much better than those you condemn with cruel and unnecessary words... You disgust me. And what is worse... You write all of these things, and yet who here has the courage to sign their own name?
    My name is Quinn Starr, and I am a 15 year old, atheist, anarchist Canadian girl, and I would like to see who will be the first to say that people like me are the reason for crimes like that. My only request is that please; Sign your name.

  30. Way to go spoken like a true Canadian we are all proud of you!
    Reason for no name is that I don't have a Google acct. and can't be bothered.

  31. LEBANON?! what the hell is wrong with this kind of compare Lebanon with Afghanistan is purely coming from a uneducated, ignorant person.
    Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the middle east; and incidents happen everywhere in the world but no one emphasizes on something that happens in Europe and the USA. I can say Chicago is the most dangerous place to go in the world as it's part of big corrupted country.

  32. The United States is the most dangerous country in the world. Because of all it's bullying, it will surely be attacked again. The more conservative Christians grab onto political power, the more danger Americans are in, because these people want to be in a holy war with all Arab nations. I hope I am gone when we are nuked, but seeing the recent situation in Egypt, I fear the day I will be living in an America that resembles some of those countries pictured in the images presented wit this story.

  33. Real list
    1- EEUU
    2- Rusia
    3- China
    4- Reino Unido
    5- Francia
    6- Japón
    7- Israel
    8- Alemania
    9- India
    10 Corea del Sur

  34. Oalestine is not safe thanks to the aphartheid state of israel who are bombing and attacking the sivilians in palestina. Israel is stealing land raping women and murdering innocent people over there. Can not belive the world is so corward NOT to just say it as it is!