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List of nine large tree stumps that for centuries represents a tourist attraction''wilderness giants''

The giant tree stumps scattered around Maple Grove park remind us that enormus trees once grew here. This stump is over 3 metres in diameter.

large tree stump 03

Stump of the 1,700 year old Mark Twain Tree, Big Stump Basin

large tree stump 04

Another view of the Discovery Tree Stump.

large tree stump 02

Discovery Tree stump and part of the fallen tree

large tree stump 01

Big stump. E. regans, Styx valley, Tasmania

large tree stump 00

The stump is 7.3 m in diameter and by ring count this tree was 1,244 years old when felled.


Standing on an ancient stump in Calaveras Big Trees State Park.


The “Father of the Forest” is the remnant of a tree that fell to earth centuries ago, but the decaying process is slow due to the chemical composition of the Sequoia. This tree is hollow and a trail detours through the tree. The steps shown lead into the hollow giant.


An early drawing showing the Discovery Tree Stump dance floor. The lithograph caption reads: The Stump and Trunk of the MAMMOTH TREE of Calaveras. Showing a Cotillion Party of Thirty-two Persons Dancing on the Stump at one time.”



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  1. we have one other in morocco is large than thoose
    thats in Saouira city

  2. Hi, today is a beautiful day in my life. I saw a first snow in this year and I save this photo for all people in the World!