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Flowers are reproductive portion of any flowering plant (i.e angiosperm family). Flowers present a multitude of combinations of colour, size, form, and anatomical arrangement. These days flowers play a very important role in our daily life to balance our social behaviour. Flowers are commercially available in the markets all around the year as these are used to enhance your love expression and happiness. Flowers are used as gifts, gratitude, celebrations and for congratulation. Not only this flowers are also used in sad moments of life i.e mourning, apology or in funerals. In many cultures flowers are an integral parts of wedding ceremonies. Let us look a collection of 10 most beautiful flowers in the world. These may trigger a feeling of happiness and help you to change your mode as flowers help us to stay calm and relaxed.

1.Most Beautiful Lonicera – Honeysuckle Flower Pictures


Lonicera – Honeysuckle flower trivia: Lonicera was named after Adam Lonicer, a Renaissance botanist. Honeysuckle Weeks is a famous actress from England who was born when honeysuckle flowers bloomed, hence her beautiful first name.


2.Beautiful Chinese Lantern, Flowering Mapleclip_image003

Abutilon flower trivia: Common names of Abutilon are: Chinese Bell Flower, Chinese Lantern, Mallow, Indian Mallow, and Flowering Maple. Even though some Abutilon has maple-like leaves it is not related to the maples.
Abutilons are quite resilient garden flowers plants, they don’t only thrive in subtropical areas but also can withstands moderate frost down to about -10°C.


3.Most Beautiful Gerbera And Daisy Flower Pictures


Gerbera flower trivia: Gerbera is part of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). Gerbera flower is named after German naturalist Traugott Gerber.
Gerbera plants have a large Capitulum (flower head) that looks like a single flower but it contains hundreds of individual flowers.


4.Beautiful Asclepias – Milkweed Flower And Seed Pod Pictures


Milkweed flower trivia: Asclepias (milkweeds) are made up of over 140 known species. The name Asclepias comes from Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. Milkweed is named after its milky juice.


5.Most Beautiful Dogwood – Cornus Flower Pictures


Dogwood (Cornus) flower trivia: The name dogwood comes from dagwood, as in “dags” in daggers, skewers. The 30-50 species of dogwood are mostly woody shrubs and trees.


6.Most Beautiful Purple Flowers Pictures


Purple color trivia: Purple was the favorite color of the hippies in the late 1960s. Psychedelic black light paintings were created by combining fluorescent magenta and fluorescent blue pigments together to make fluorescent purple. This shade of purple was the favorite color of Jimi Hendrix therefore is called psychedelic purple.


7.Most Beautiful Fuzzy Poppy Flower Buds Pictures


Red poppy flower trivia: Throughout ages in different cultures red poppy flowers have been the symbols of sleep and death. Sleep was associated with poppies because of their opium content, death because of their (commonly) blood-like red color.


8.Beautiful Oriental Hybrid Flower Pictures: Lilium – Stargazer Lily


Lilium – Stargazer lily flower trivia: Stargazer Lilies are toxic to both humans and cats when swallowed.
The symptoms upon ingestion are: nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. In certain cases anaphylaxis (acute multi-system hypersensitivity reaction) may occur.


9.Beautiful Chrysanths: Pictures Of Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum flower trivia: Chrysanthemums ( chrysanths, mums) are perennial flowering plants native to Asia and Northeastern Europe.


10.World’s Most Beautiful Weed? Lantana Flower Pictures


Lantana flower trivia: Lantana flower is also called Baho-baho, Lantana camara, shrub verbenas or lantanas.
Due to the flower having yellow and pink colors next to each other it received some funny nicknames: “ham ‘n eggs” and “bacon ‘n eggs”.


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