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22 reported dog bite related human fatalities in the United States in 2004, 2007 - 29 human fatalities, 2008 - 26. In 2009, there were 33 human fatalities. 45% of the attacks occurred to adults over the age of 18, and 55% occurred to ages below. Pit bull type dogs were responsible for 67% of fatalities, the next closest breed was the rottweiler at 12%. But all dog breeds are potentially dangerous. In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 fatal dog bites from 1979-1998. Here it is the compiled list of the most dangerous dog breeds:

10. Dalmatian (Weight: 40-70 lbs.)


This breed is distinguished by intelligence and perfect memory, independence and survival instincts. Sometimes Dalmatians can be aggressive towards people.

9. Boxer (Weight: 50-70 lbs.)


These dogs are intelligent, frisky and full of energy. It is not so easy to train them as they are self-willed breed. In addition, boxers are not typically aggressive by nature.

8. Presa Canario ( Weight: 80-115 lbs.)


It is well known that an attack of this guard dog can bring to the death any prey. One of the main features of this dog is fearlessness, huge power and man-stopping ability.

6. Doberman Pinschers (Weight: 65-90 lbs.)


Doberman Pinschers are famed by such features as alertness, intelligence and loyalty. Therefore they are considered to be one of the best guard dog breeds. The dog usually attacks only in case its family is in danger or when being provoked.

7. Chow Chow (Weight: 50-70 lbs.)


The Chow Chow seems to be distant and independent, however they require staunch attention. If badly bred they can become aggressive dogs.

5. Alaskan Malamutes (Weight: 75-100 lbs.)


This breed requires a lot of exercises to be happy as being bored they become disobedient. On the whole their characteristic features are energy and activity.

4. Huskies (Weight: 44-66 lbs.)


Despite of their energy and intelligence this breed is not regarded a good guard dog. It is caused by its kind temperament and personality characteristics. However it should be marked that between 1979 and 1997 fifteen fatal cases were caused by huskies.

3. German Shepherds (Weight: 70-100 lbs.)


This breed of dogs is known as a smart and vigilant one. As German Shepherds proved to be confident and fearless local authorities such as the police K-9 unit use German Shepherds as a police dog.

2. Rottweilers (Weight: 100-130 lbs.)


Due to their intense territorial instinct these dogs are very aggressive. Rottweilers are commonly used as guard dogs.

1. Pit Bulls (Weight: 55-65 lbs.)


Pit bull is one of the most brave and dauntless dogs that usually takes on any opponent. Therefore they take part in dog fighting. It is common knowledge that this dog breed can even mangle the human to death as pit bull locks its jaws onto the booty until it is dead.

- For each US dog bite fatality there are about 670 hospitalizations and 16,000 emergency room visits, 21,000 other medical visits (office and clinic), and 187,000 non-medically treated bites
- 46.1% (nearly half) of dog bite injuries were triaged in emergency rooms as "urgent-emergent"
- Dog bites are the second highest reason why children seek emergency treatment
That's about 60,000 bites per fatality and that information is dated. It is reported today that a US citizen is bitten by a dog every 75 seconds.


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  1. Pit Bulls don't have locking jaws you morons

  2. What the guy above said, what a moron.
    And Rotties are not very agressive, not even mildly agressive. I think what ever mindless worm put this together must be a peta freak.

  3. this is so stupid! pitbulls are the best dogs ever! they don't have locking jaws and that has already been proven!


    Pit bulls aren't the problem, PIT BULL OWNERS ARE!

  5. I think the fact that most dog bite victims are children is very telling. Children don't have the same caution around dogs as adults do, and will often provoke and irritate dogs until the animal becomes aggressive even if it's normally a really docile dog. Children should never be left alone with dogs - if there was an adult around to remove the child or dog when the dog started to get agitated, I bet 90% of these attacks would not happen. You can't blame any particular breed for the provocation of some animals.

  6. i have 2 pitbulls and 1 pomeranian, they are all big lap dogs, this is the dumbest article ever. Depends on how the owner of the dog treats them and raises them you idiot, dogs become aggressive because there owners made them that way, also it is not hard to train any dog, god your an idiot.

  7. So the jaws lock on to the "booty"...interesting.
    Get your shit together before you state speculation as fact.

  8. yeah this isn't even CLOSE to being correct information. UPenn published a peer-reviewed study on the frequency of dog bites [frequency of aggression] (not severity). Pitties (which most people cannot even identify) were in the BOTTOM 1/3 of the study.

    Number one dog most likely to bite [the study calls them the most aggressive]... daschund... nubmer two... chihuahua.... number three... jack russel terriers...

  9. It all depends on the temperment of the breeding, as well as the upraising. My shepard mix and pit mix are so gentle and sweet-not knowing their parents temperments either since they were adopted. We have always been told any dogs we have brought into our care have always been super loving.....that is how we raise them. As far as children, you have to introduce and bring your child in and establish them as their "pack leader" You also have to teach your children to respect your dogs just the same and supervise them. Accidents happen as well, you can determine intent and accident.

  10. wow, the author is a very special. If I were to write an artical about this topic i would definetly check all resources before I made an arse of my self. People like this are the reason these breeds get such a bad rap. As stated above your more likly to get bit by a small. I have had 5 pits all were great dogs, my next will be a pits as well. My childred have never been bitten by them nor have they ever bit anybody else.

  11. Which moron made this list? Do some research before you write bullshit like this. "Rottweilers are very aggressive" ... shows how much you know.

  12. Pitbulls don't have locking jaws, it is a physical impossibility for dogs.

    This proves that a lot of dogs owners should not have animals. A dog that is not properly trained or purposely trained to be agressive can be very dangerous. Obedience classes should be mandatory for every dog owner.

  13. We had a Doberman. The problem was its extreme loyalty to my father and its trainer. My sisters and I couldn't get anywhere near that dog cause it regards my father as his only master. I used to be scared of Dobermans until I met my friend's mild tempered Rosie. Love that dog.

  14. the wolfhound?

  15. The picture of a shepherd is definatly a mix... German Shepherds have VERY distinct colouring, and black isn't it.

  16. There are no dangerous dog species, just stupid people (and articles like this).


  18. Anonymous above, I'm pretty sure that if you put the rest of the responders in a room and gave them a choice to take the life of a pittie or'd be dead in a matter of seconds. Do yourself AND us a favor and go hang yourself.....and video tape it so we can watch it over and over again and laugh.

  19. Ban all pitbulls, stupid thugs should get a lab instead.

  20. i used this post, copy the images and translate into my language.

  21. This is the worst and the most stupid article I have ever read.

    There is no such thing like "dangerous dog breed" or "agresive dog breed".
    Every dog can be agrresive, if it is provocated. If the dog is in danger, it could do only two things - run away or fight.
    This whole article is one big mistake, writen by someone, that is scared of dogs...

    Many of upper named breeds are known as "dangerous dogs", but it is not true. So many lies in one article... :-(

    For example - the pittbull - it takes more effort to provocate pittbull to fight, than other dogs. He loves people and have many patience...
    Rotweiler - it is one of most tolerant dog breeds, also to other dogs and other animals.

    The dog is only reflection of its owner.

    You can not judge the dog - its owner is always responsible for its acts!!!

  22. And that numbers? Number of people killed in America every year:

    440000 people killed by cigarettes
    42366 people killed by cars
    35000 people killed by secondhand smoke
    29338 people killed by guns
    3 people killed by pittbulls

    which would you ban?

    Also we dont know the reason of it... the dog can have cancer in brain, it could be an accident...

    So why judge all dogs like killers? It is the people, who is always responsible...

  23. To the person thinking the pic of the German Shepherd has to be mix, sorry your're wrong. Mine is almost all black and he is out of a long line of champions.

  24. 238 deaths in twenty years... Wonder how many human killing a human cases were there in that time... I bet like 12128102981029810281028102981092.

  25. this article is a joke.

  26. the problem with pits is the 'tinos walk around
    the 'hood thinkin' they're somethin' just cuz dey
    have a pit, like it makes em better or somethin

  27. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    What I find extremely troubling is that a lot of journalists like to cite these statistics as fact when in all actuality, very few people have bothered to read the original article. If they did, they would be in for a very big surprise because the CDC states in the abstract prior to the article that the methodology used in collecting this data is extremely flawed from many different stand points.

    First of all, the manner in which this information was collected and reported by people who were not truly knowledgeable about the specific breeds involved. They were inclined in the begining to classify any vicious dog a Pit Bull when in actuality it may not have been. Secondly, there has never been a system to methodically and objectively collect this data. No health department in any major city in the United States has a system that collects data that explains what breed of dog actually is responsible for a certain amount of dog bites. Therefore dog bite statistics are extremely bogus and any reporter who bothers to use these statistics in light of this fact is behaving unethically and not doing his or her job to the standards of their own profession.

    A radio program on NPR called "On the media" made a very interesting point to explain how the American media is extremely biased and has been known to cherry pick after the American Pit Bull Terrier. It's been proven that the media will not bother to report a dog attack unless a Pit Bull is involved. I know this for a fact because there were two serious child maulings caused by Labrador retrievers in the next township over from where I live.

    Wake up people. The American media doesn't always report the truth.

  28. AnonymousMay 07, 2010

    If you want to be protected by vicious dogs (any breed, any size), bears, coyotes, wolves, feral swine, or even humans -
    get a Cat.....

    Catahoula Leopard Dog.

    Most family oriented and protective dogs I have ever owned but they must have LOTS of space. Ideally a separate 1 acre estate with very heavy fencing with solid shelter and be given attention. They are the most powerful dogs pond-for-pound (mine are 90+ lbs and easily throw each other over their heads when playing with just a flick of their neck) and can take down an 800 lb steer when confronted. They are extremely fast, can climb trees, and very intelligent.

    Highly recommend one if you need protection from your neighbor's vicious dogs - but you better get familiar with what they are first.

  29. AnonymousMay 08, 2010

    There is no such thing as a " bad breed" only bad owners and an ignorant public. My Boerboel is a big lapdog and my 9 yr old daughter can command him as well as my wife or I because we spend hours every day working with him. It is how much time you spend training the dog and socialization that determine if you dog will be a good dog or a menace.

  30. AnonymousMay 08, 2010

    This is not journalism. This is some idiot who found a blog template and managed to figure out how to get it on the web.

    No sources cited. Just wild speculation and urban legends about dogs. BTW Pit Bull is not a breed of dog. The term 'pit bull' needs to be removed when referring to dogs. My American Staffordshire Terrier is a loving, non-aggressive dog. I have never met a dog that falls under the 'pit bull' category that isn't gentle and loving.

  31. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    A good pit bull is a dead pit bull.

  32. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    I think every site i checked on had ALL the same dogs.. So im not starting to believe this information.....and ALL the dogs on this site is not nessasarly can train them to be good..Btw you cant tell if a breed is bad or dangerous its the people who raise them while their young.If you say You raised a german shepherd horriably then he is gonna grow up with a bad temperment!?!?! SO ALL these dogs are NOT dangerous......

  33. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    no offense but i agree. this article is not close 2 being right. i lead a group called animal ation and i can tell u right now that it depends on z humans and its uzually z human's fault if the dog gets agressive s dog abusers, if u get ur ass bit dont u dare complain!!!

  34. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    While the information is presented poorly, it seems that people are clearly misinterpreting it as well. Some of these dogs are more "dangerous" than others by comparison. Is an alligator more dangerous than a dog? No, because I don't plan on doing anything that will get me bit by an alligator. Now if you happen to be bit by one the alligator still isn't dangerous, you just put yourself in a position to be bit, just like in the case of the dogs. These dogs are just more dangerous because they are big and powerful, not because they are bloodthirsty killers.

  35. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    PitBulls do not lock any jaw thats a myth that is believed by ignorant people who know nothing about the breed. The person who wrote this is a pathetic moron. PitBulls are very eager to please they're owner and are sometimes placed in the hands of extremely irresponsible pet owners. Otherwise, they are one of the sweetest, most playful breeds out there.

  36. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    This list was put together by the most uneducated person out there. Must be a cat lover.

  37. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    People have pitBulls as a status symbol. They are not good pets. Think before you own a dog like that. There jaws do lock on to the victim, I have had the displeasure of seeing it first hand!!

  38. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I think the majority of people commenting are considerably more idiotic than the writer of the article. Dangerous means "potential for harm". Maybe if you idiots had a grasp of the English language you would understand this. A plastic bag is "dangerous" because it could potentially suffocate someone. These dogs are dangerous because if they were to bite you, it could potentially cause a lot of damage. The writer of the article presented the information, but some of you idiots had time to read it, think about it, and make a totally inane, stupid response. And the writer is the moron....?

  39. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    The only threat that my APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) posses would be if someone was allergic to his drool. He sleeps next to my 6 year old daughter and our Shepherd sleeps next to my 4 year old daughter. I have been bitten twice by dogs; one was a lab and the other was a beagle.

    As far as any jaw locking mechanism in a dog, I would be amazed if anyone could provide a peer reviewed scientific article that showed any type of locking mechanism in canines.

    -Dr. McCain

  40. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I don't think the writer means lock like a literal locking mechanism in the jaw. In reading it, it seems like they mean bite and hold on to. Lots of animals including dogs bite and hold or "lock" their jaws onto their prey vs. the fact that pit bulls jaws don't have any locking ability.

  41. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I have treated several dog bites in my hospital including one fatal one on a toddler. Every single mauling (requiring hospitalization) I've seen is by a pit bull (5), but most minor bites are by the smaller breeds. Where I am at (so Cal) there are lots of pitbulls that are not well taken care of or trained which is partially to blame. But the pit bull is a dog that has been bred to fight and when they slip into that mode it is difficult to get them to stop. My own dog is from a shelter and probably has pittie in him and can display this behavior which is scary to see. This is what my wife who is a professional dog trainer/behaviorist tells anyone who is considering a pitbull. This is not to say a pitbull can't be a great dog- I love my dog- but you need to be careful and attentive to any dog's behavior. Each breed has its own characteristics and needs for care- so please consider these and talk to a dog expert before getting a dog.

    since people are throwing credentials in-

    Dr. Bradley, pediatric emergency medicine

    PS- if you want to be "tougher" join the military, start cage fighting, or be a logger- getting a "tough" dog to hide behind just makes you more of a wuss. (yeah I said it Micheal Vick!)

    PPS- please adopt from shelters!

  42. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    Yes, ALL breeds of dogs have the potential to bite, but NOT all breeds of dogs have the potential to be physically able to KILL you. Yes, a chihuahua could snap and attack you, but so could a pitbull. And you tell me, which dog would you rather have attacking you? The one that weighs 6 lbs and has a small mouth, or a huge ass 70 lb dog that has the capability of knocking you to the ground and ripping your face off. The ONLY people I have known to own pit bulls are white trash.

  43. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    Completely false. Dogs weren't domesticated to be dangerous towards humans. Der. Actually there have been more cases of labs of biting humans than pit bulls if this author would get his numbers straight.

  44. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    It isn't cases of bites. It's attacks that resulted in fatalities moron. It is a shame that a dog can be put down for biting someone but a person can't be put down for being stupid.

  45. AnonymousJune 06, 2010

    No dog is born to be dangerous, it is how they are trained. The only reason pitbulls are at the top of this list is because people like Vick gave them a bad name in the dog fighting industry. Furthermore, there is no locking mechanism in dogs' jaws, it is just a myth made by ignorant people that pay no attention to the numerous studies that have proved them wrong.

  46. AnonymousJune 06, 2010

    The only reason pit bulls are at the top of this list is that they caused more fatalities than the other dogs on the list over the given time frame, not because they are inherently more dangerous. All dogs, especially the ones listed have the potential to physically harm a person, making them dangerous. People also can be considered dangerous for the same reason. Will they harm you, probably not, but that doesn't change the fact and potential risk factor, even if it is extraordinarily small. But really misinterpreting the straight facts are just myths made by ignorant people who pay no attention to what a piece is actually about and add their own biased opinions. Pit bulls are just at the top of this list because they are strong and can potentially hurt people easier than other dogs can.

  47. AnonymousJune 07, 2010

    Uninformed retards made this list.

  48. This is rubbish. I have a rottie and he's the most unaggressive dog I know. He's a big coward when it comes to aggression. This kind of bad publicity annoys the hell out of me. I also have a german shepard.
    It's not the dog that's aggressive it's the ignorant and uneducated owners who make a dog aggressive because they dont have a clue how to train or raise them.
    Any dog can be made agressive, they are not born that way. Those of you who make these publications should get your facts right. Stupid idiots.

  49. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

    I like turtles

  50. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    I had a dalmation for 15 years, so many people say that this breed is hyper and agressive... my dog never showed any signs of agression his entire life, and he was very sweet natured and calm. I can't believe this breed even made this list.

  51. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    the pitbull is frendly & loyal to his owner
    it`s aguard dog not a family dog
    i feel safe if ihave that kind of dog in my place
    also dont forget that:
    it`s some body in that`s world look like us me & u and every one

    & if u dont like the pitbull
    its your problem not the pitbull problem

  52. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    Hey retards, these dogs aren't making this list because they are mean or aggressive. They are making the list because they have considerably more potential to inflict harm than smaller weaker dogs. The article only lists the 10 dogs which caused the most fatalities over a period of time. There were probably tens of thousands of bites over this period of time but only 200 fatalities. And the large majority of bites probaby came from chihuahuas and little dogs. But the bite from a 10 pound dog won't hurt like the bite from an 100 pound dog. So no one is creating any stigma, people commenting are just being retarded. Pay attention to what it is about before you make some stupid ass comment..."my pit bull is so nice"...idiots. I hope you aren't americans, because its people like you that make america the laughing stock of the world as far as intelligence goes.

  53. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I am stunned. My little 'ole daddy (74 years old, a retired physist) and I were discussing the internet. His opinion, was anything to do with the internet was bogus, and of course, I was the defender of the internet.Geez, I hate to admit to ole dad, I am wrong, but "thanks have to do it again".

    It is scientifically proven, that pit bulls do not have the ability to lock their jaws. No, they also do not have poison saliva, etc. It is a matter of physics, which I would be delighted to discuss with this author, but am realistic enough to know, that this person shall never see this, nor care about the mis information that they are propegating.

    But, any idea how to contact this fact finding author???

  54. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    well i have a pitbull an she is the biggest babey. all she wants is attention an love.she loves all people an licks them to death. though she doesnt like other dogs since she was attacked. i never let her off her leash unless in a fenced yard..

  55. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Oh get outta here !!!!!!!!!!!

    Any dog can/will be dangerous if he/she is not loved/taken care of.
    And if he/she is abused & trained to be dangerous.

    My Dalmatian sleeps in a king-size bed with her head on a pillow. :) # 10

    We used to have a Pit-bull named Sluggo, and he slept in our waterbed with us. #1
    Both spoiled & loved babies...

  56. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I have an ex wife more dangerous than any of these dogs. I guess this is where good training comes in.

  57. The author of this article is clearly incapable of doing scientific research, and incapable of even writing at a high school level.

  58. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I have been involved with a small all volunteer nonprofit animal rescue for the past 4 years. I've learned that there is no bad dog, just bad dog owners. There should be a national ban on puppy mills along with a ban on selling puppies in stores. There a millions of dogs that are waiting in shelters to be adopted into loving, safe forever homes. Dogs are not disposable. They are beautiful creatures who love unconditionally. Even a dog on it's final walk to the gas chamber with continue to show it's enthusiasm for life and it's belief in humanity by wagging it's tail all the way to the end of it's life, taken at the hands of man. THERE IS NO BAD DOG/PUPPY JUST BAD DOG/PUPPY OWNERS....HUMANS....HUMANS TEACH THE HATE AND THE DESIRE TO KILL.

  59. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    the presa carnarios were in the news in 2000 back in san francisco dog mauling case. German Shepards were also used in World War II for guarding concentration amd POW(prisoner of war) camps.

  60. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I believe that can be dangerous if their owners train them to be.

  61. Sounds like whoever wrote the article based the opinions on heresay and opinion. ANY dog can be trained to be a killer. I noticed that the main criteria seems to be that the dog is energetic and smart!

  62. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    No comments about big dogs whatsoever. I've seen to many abusive dog owners then I have demonized aggressive dogs little or big.

  63. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    My heart aches for all the animals that are abused based on the fact that they are "bad". I agree that the owners are the ones who need training and education. Animals want what humans want, "love".

  64. My neighbor had a german shepard and a pit bull. We were friends, I've been in his house and he and his dogs have been in my house many times.I firmly believed in no bad dogs just bad owners.UNTIL...The 4 of us were outside I was working on my truck, and from behind... WHAM!!! On my left ankle.Crushing!Shaking!His owner and I both screaming. He finally let go.I got inside my house lifted my pantleg the blood squirted out 4 inches through my sock. After the emargency room visit and 4 months of weekly wound care visits, I'm out over $6,000.My neighbor was just renting,had no insurance, and promptly skipped town.I've been bit by dogs before, but never like that little 35 pound F#ck!ng PIT BULL!!!

  65. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    They never said PBs have locked jaws, they said the keep them locked until the prey is dead.

  66. In my job for the last 6 years i have gone to hundreds of houses. Never one had a problem with the larger dogs. It has alway been the little "nippy" ones. The article didnt mention them. Its the owners that train them - Does the name Michael Vick ring a bell. I believe they had to put down most of all of them. SAD.

  67. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    My vet told me that a small dog was twice as likely to bite than a larger one.

    The only time a big dog ever hurt me was in their over zealous greetings, they knocked me down to lick my face.

  68. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I have went through and read all the post above. I agree that i have been around alot of pits and rotts that were calm and very nice dogs. I do believe that the onwers of the dogs are mostly the cause of a dog being bad and overly aggressive. But i do have to say that of all the breeds that can do real damage to a person( like a chihuahua bites and it hurts but it doesn't rip threw a mans flesh like). I do have to say that pitts rotties german sheps all can become mean aggressive bad dogs quicker if not trained and treated right. All dogs can become bad but the ones i know of listed above can turn that way faster than other dogs. Maybe i'm wrong but that is what i have seen. I love all the dogs above but maybe its the intelligence. They are nice and wonderful but give them to much shit and they will kick your ass. Kinda like i would.

  69. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Rotten pet owners raise Dangerous dogs,Just like BAD PARENTS raise Mucked-up childern.And most times they are one in the same.Bite Me

  70. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    If you screw your dog in the ass. he's your best friend!

  71. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    there is no mention of the situations in which these bites occurred. i think this would reveal a new profile...

    i believe breed has something to do with it but if i recall heredity and environment shape behavior.

  72. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Wow. I have never read such an inaccurate article in my life. First, nothing was mentioned of what the context of the bites were. Second, most people after the Vick situation understand that is human beings who train these dogs to fight. Has the author read the article in last years Sports Illustrated about the Vick Dogs? Does he even know that many of those dogs became THERAPY dogs? It's all in that article. SI even apologized for their brutal portrayal of Pit Bulls back in the 80's. So sad that there is such ignorance out there. I own a Pit Bull, Golden Retriever and a mutt. The Pit Bull is by far the sweetest and thinks she is a lap dog. She loves all people and my other dogs and cats. How would you explain that?

  73. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    When people ask me if my dog bites I reply, it's always possible because he is a dog. :)

  74. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    It depends on how the dog is treated, I have interacted with Pits before and they are sweet and loving creatures! I also have a friend who used to have the sweetest Huskie! That dog was the best in the world!! My Mom used to have German Shepards, and no problem there either!
    If an owner treats their dog to be mean, they will be mean! It really does not matter the breed of dog that makes them dangerous, it is the human!

  75. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I grew up with Rotties and have owned 5 Pitbulls over my adult life. They would all rather lick you then bite you. It was our overly spoiled lab that put 12 stitches in my 2 year olds ear when he climbed on my ex-husbands lap while the dog was next to him. And for the dumb ass that says Pitbulls are only owned by white trash is a real idiot. I am a real estate agent and own a property management company and my fiancé is a bank manager...throws that theory right out the window, huh.

  76. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    The level of writing skill demonstrated in this article is appalling.
    Was it written by a teenager?
    Do you have editors in wonder world--if so-fire them.

  77. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I was raised around Dobermans, & while they do have potential to inflict damage, its all about how they are raised. Bring a dog up right and you have no problems. And please dont call the author a cat lover. I am a cat lover & the article offended me as well!

  78. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    I have owned a rottweiler, boxer & currently have two pitbulls. This article is ridiculous! We have never had any problems out of any of them & they were raised around our son. Our dogs have changed many peoples' opinions of pitbulls after being around them. ANY dog has the potential to hurt someone, it's all in how you raise them.

  79. Let start out by saying I use to breed pits. And they are only what the owner makes them out to be. People just need to be more careful about who any breed goes to. I screened everyone who ever bought one of my pups. Went to there house and made sure they would be in a good enviroment.Also kept them out of the hands of fanciers( people whom fought them). You can make any dog a mean dog, it's all in the owners hands. There have been reports of pits attacking and come to find out it was a lab. They are very loving dogs, I had them around my 5 children and you couldn't ask for a better companion. You know the old saying don't judge a book by it's cover. Well people should applies this with certain dog breeds.

  80. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Pit Bulls Do not have locking Jaws , they are Tenacious and have the Desire to hold on. Morons!!!In the Wrong hands they are Deadly and those people should be dealt with! In the right Hands Like the Famous Daddy from the dog whisperer they are some of the the best!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an ill informed Idiot that should not be aloud to comment on such!!!!!!!!

  81. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    BOOOOOOOO to Yahoo for putting this article on their news feed. The NUMBER ONE most dangerous dogs on this list should be human beings. It's human beings who are not responsible dog owners. It's humans who don't watch their dogs or become responsible pet owners. It's human beings who breed genetically poor dogs when there are millions of dogs who need to be adopted. It's humans who torture and fight dogs for sport. This list is ridiculous. There are no dangerous dogs, only stupid, inattentive owners.

  82. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    whoever wrote this is a moron... yes, I think some breeds have natural tendencies to be more aggressive than others... Owners are more of the problem than the dogs though.. Proper socializing and training, along with responsible owners is most helpful. The part about pits and dog fighting is ridiculous. That's because ridiculous people train them to do it.. not because of the pit. I had a roomie with a lab/pit mix and it was the sweetest dog ever!

  83. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    It pisses me off that people treat pitbulls like they are monsters. they arent always like that, just like you guys have mentioned above, its because their OWNERS! You have to raise them the right way and they wont turn out the way people assume. Its not right that these dogs are considered DANGEROUS when honestly its not the entire breed that is like that, just the ones with stupid owners. Now pitbulls arent allowed in certain areas? what the hell is that about?

  84. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    It's How They Are Trained...IDIOTS

  85. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    my pitbull is my 2 yearolds best friend and as far as being aggressive today he was cornered by my sons pet rabbit and sat there wimpering

  86. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Pitbulls are so loving and sweet, just with any dog. It all depends on the owner and how the dog is trained. It doesn't make sense why certain breeds are given such a bad reputation. A dodg doens't just want to be agreesive, it all depends on how the owner brings them up.

  87. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Pitbulls have locking jaws like pigs have the ability to fly and I have the power to shoot lasers from my eyes.

  88. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    listen to this moron!!! I've owned several diffrent breeds of animals and the ONLY aggressive dog's were a litter of inbred puppies. It wasn't the pups fault, it was dumb A##'$ who writes articales like these. Any dog/human/animal will defend it's home, part of life! are you gonna ban Tiger's because they are aggressive and can't be tamed? what about lion? I mean c'mon! you can take one type of animal and over hundreds of years domesticate it and it's still going to have it's natural instincts, if an animal feels threatened enough it will attack. common sense, you would to if some robber come in your house with your children! I would do anything and everything I can to protect my own. GAH and I have not met one of any breed on this list that was aggressive!! I rescued a dalmation weighing 19 lbs at 3 years old, the dog was almost dead. When I walked up to him he wagged his tail! He licked my hand with what energy he had. He turned out to be one of the sweetest most greatful animals! I rescued my registered pit from a lady that just bred her for pups. She was tied to a tree. She was 1 year old and weighed 20 lbs, she is now almost 2 and weighs 55 lbs. If you walk up to her, she'll sniff you then roll over on her belly and if you don't pay attention to her or rub her belly she'll wiggle back and forth on her back! She is a ham! so this articale is a waste!!

  89. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    If you have never even owned a Pitbull, then why say anything degrading about them? I grew up living with pitbulls since i was a little girl, best dogs by far before any breed. They are so loyal/loving and just live to please. big harmless teddy bears that hog the bed above anything. it's the owner that makes the dog aggressive/bad. blame them.

  90. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    Boxers?? are you kidding me??
    granted the imbec..writer penning the article is basing (one assumes) the information on statistics..... when do statistics show circumstance in such cases? agree with one above comment on the situation and circumstances around such incidents need to be looked at more closely. A dog taunted, is a dog that is more likely to react in a bad way. stupid article, prejudice only adds to more idiocy from people that have little common sense and know nothing about dogs.

  91. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    the author of this article is a jack ass and an idiot he is saying dalmations are known for intelligence they are the least intelligent dog breed there is and also have the smallest brain out of any canine breed in the world domestic and feral there brain is only the size of a peanut i wonder if somebody actually pays this asshole he and his editor should be fired for ignorance

  92. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    i've been breeding pitbulls since 1999 and of all the dogs i've had only one showed agression toward a person but it was she had just had a litter of pups the day before and was just being a protective mother. a dogs temperment goes according to its owner. you can't fault a dogs aggression becuz of its owner.

  93. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    Your all fucking obama voting idiots if you think pitbulls are innocent. The proof is in the pudding....the breed is strong and deadly and no matter how nice you think they are these dogs are put in the hands of after another, which is you the idiot populous. Sorry guys...ill take a bite from a bitch ass lap dog in a sorry ass mother fuckers training rather than a well trained pit bull. Either way the breed is deadly and overly terratorial. Get of your pedastals...if you ever have been chased or fucked with by a pit...youll agree. Ive never been challenged by another other dog than a pit...and this was in a high end neighborhood , twice by two seperate owners who were of the utmost best of trained dogs....

    fuck you, you dumb fucking piece of shit pit owners...if i was with my young song on the street when they came out at me id be in jail for fucking bitches like you up.

    your pathetic and if you cant find a dog breed that suites you outside of your weak dick pit owners....then i hope to god your son's and daugthers get theres...


  94. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    oh my, what a pity article. i can't believe i wasted time reading it. whatever u dumbasses say, dogs are still man's best friend. I stand by that and I prefer mine to be a pitbull.

  95. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    you dumb shit. pit bulls don't have locking jaws. your a dumb fuck. serious? i cant believe this qualifies as any type of journalism.

  96. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    Dear people commenting on the article, you should really read exactly what the article is about before you make some stupid comment that just makes you look and sound really stupid. Not once does it say that pit bulls have a locking mechanism in their jaws or that these dogs are the most aggressive. All that is said was that these dogs have been involved in the greatest number of fatalities. That's all, nothing in this article claims that if you own a pit bull or rottweiler that it will be anything other than a loving pet. It just so happens however that your loving pet could potentially be over 100 pounds and because of that has far more potential to physically injure someone. If a small dog and a rottweiler got into a fight, which dog has the greatest chance of sustaining an injury? Little dogs might be more aggressive but they lack the power and strength to do any sort of damage. It is almost offensive how everyone is going after the author of the article because they can't read something for what it is, and have some bias toward a breed of dog that restricts rational thought.

  97. AnonymousJune 16, 2010

    the most dangerous type of dog is one thats owned by an idiot.The reason why pits rott ect are high on the list is two fold firstly in somecases they attract the wrong type owner someone who wants a status symbol rather than a dog,secondly when this type of dog attacks it WILL do damage thus attacks by these breeds are generaly reported they are not dangerous by nature but by capability.ive owned staffs rotts an american bulls and have found the to be without exeption fantastic pets when properly raised but i am always aware that on the end of the lead there is an animal whith huge potential to do damage!

  98. AnonymousJune 26, 2010

    this is bs for one pittys dont have locking jaws and are for the most part people non aggressive i should know ive raised and rescue them for the last 10 yrs

  99. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    What I have noticed is that the majority of Pit Bull owners seem to be as stupid and aggressive as their Death trap dogs. We have had a Doctor on here, who actually quoted the statistics from his emergency room, and Pit Bull Moron owners, the majority of which are living up to their idiotic and illiterate reputations. 'Ma dawg sleeps wiv ma kids'... Honestly.

    Omr 'special' moron has even threatened to stand and watch, laughing, as a poster he didn't agree with was ripped apart by his pit bull!

    These dogs are a menace to society. Look up the Emergency room statistics about dog bites in US hospitals! I did! Over 1500 fatal or sufficiently maiming (loss of limb) attacks all by PIT BULLS! The next most prevalent were Rottweilers at 496!

    These are FACTS and statistics kept by hospitals! But, you morons, keep defending this killer breed! Idiots!

  100. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010


  101. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    I don't even know where to start with this article or the stupid SOB's that are even wasting our precious air dissing my dog, AND me. Not ONE person giving these lame stats or "facts" as they call them on this page has any f****** idea what pit bulls are like and I guarantee most of you have never even been around one.. probablly because your to chicken-shit to give them a chance. My pitty is a big baby, is great with my two young kids, loves people emensely and is very smart and obedient. Now, as you all say, pit bulls are nothing but trouble.. how do you explain my experience? I can tell you... YOUR WRONG! There are pits that attack, like any breed. Some because they were faught and a few that just snapped. Minus the fighting, any and MANY tiny breeds snap all the time. I have a neighbor who was bitten by a golden retreiver as she walked her dog down the street.. HOWS THAT POSSIBLE THOUGH!? Maybe society should start banning that breed? All n' all, your all full of shit and are just looking to cause arguments like this. Your probablly up late at night with nothing better to do with your pathetic lives then piss people off. Well, cudos to you all cuz it worked. As for all of you "good" Pit Bull owners out there, enjoy the breed, ignore shit like this and stand up for your dog, because somebody has to!!!!

  102. Super dogs...
    This is a great list.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  103. I have had numerous Rottweilers and they have only bitten one person in 20 years that i had this breed, and the pood sod on the receiving end was a burglar attempting to break in to my house!!

    Think any large breed dog can be dangerous if untrained or abused in some manner!

  104. This blog is so dumb it's unreal. I have a " Pit " right now. She is a sweetheart! She loves everyone and does not know the meaning of the word stranger. She is the best dog I have EVER had! And I have had many. Including a Rott. He was a big baby and a BIG lap dog. Not a mean bone in his body. He was a little protective of me, but only in that he watched me and kind of guarded me when strangers were around. These breeds like any other breeds, need love, attention and a LOT of exercise! Put them all together and you have a fantastic family pet!
    ALL ANIMALS have the potential to be dangerous. All of them. This is where responsible owners come in.

  105. Sorry stopped taking the article seriously at the Boxer.

    Really? Boxers?? Yup, they're cold blooded killers....NOT!!! Has the writer ever even seen any of these breeds in person?? I'll take my boxer over those teacup neurotic little hairy rat dogs any day.

    As for the pits, my cousin has one (not white trash, latino or any other minority) and the dog is a ham. One of the most calm and friendly dogs I've ever seen. Its all about the owners, any dog can be dangerous in hands of an idiot. You should have to get a license to be a dog owner.

  106. i find it funny how many people have the "this dont isnt dangerous, i have one and its a perfect angel". yep, your 1 dog has proven that all dogs of that breed are perfect. and as far as "its the owners" yes i will agree with many its the owners fault, but how about the attacks that was caused by strays. strays that were born wild, where is the owner in that? and yes, pitbulls are the most dangerous. pitbull is one of the few breeds that can just snap. allot of people have pits, and the dog lives its whole life with out any aggression. but then there are some that had the perfect dog life, and then for no real reason turned on its owner. i knew a family that had to put their pit down because it just went mental. this is also the reason that pit bulls get put down as soon as they go into a dog shelter around where i live. not sure if its the same in others. but many shelters just put pits down because the chance of it attacking their new owners is higher with pits then any other dog. then there is the kids. many attacks are caused by the kids being stupid, i learned this the hard way when i was a kid. luckily it was a small dog and he didnt really do much other then scare me some. just because your dog (thats listed here) is a perfect little puppy doesnt mean all of them are. many dogs grow up with a dislike for humans, usually try to avoid them but do attack.

  107. Not suprisingly like most posts on this site , this "article" is pure crap, probably took about 5 minutes to put together... That pic of a "German Shepard" doesnt look like any german shepard I've ever seen. Looks like a black lab mutt at the humane society.

  108. i own a rottie. he is the biggest pussy in the world. i even wanted him to be aggressive to some extent, but it's just not in him to be mean.

  109. I find it silly how so many dog lovers ignore the statistics that prove some breeds are more likely to atttack than others. Of course the way a dog is raised and trained is a huge factor but if statistics show a disproportionately large number of attacks from certain breeds then it would be ignorant to say the breed doesn't matter.

    I'm not saying pitbulls and rottweilers are dangerous but that they are more likely to attack than, let's say, a labrador.

  110. Anyone who buys anything this list has to say should be forbidden from ever owning a dog. You know as soon as it says that Dalmations are known for their "intelligence" that it's all bullshit.

  111. i believe rottweilers to be aggressive or any other dog but it totally depends on the training
    and its environment of the dog

  112. i had a pitbull growing up and my kids are 6 and 3 and they had a pitbull growing up with them not once has she been aggressive or bit or growl at them she loves them to death! i think she'd even die for them! pitbulls love their people and who ever wants to love them! SO its not the dog! its the people! the lil wanna be thugs who think that they are tough! grow up and get a job and stop hurting animals just cause u cant prove anything!

  113. If pitbulls are so dangerous why are staffies and amstaffs not. You dumb RA-tard. Get your facts straight about any type of breed before slagging them off. Humans are the problem not dogs. I had a goldfish that killed my sister cos it was violent. It wriggled to much in her throat when she ate and she died. Now lets ban all goldfish. they ARE KILLERS i tell you!!!

  114. Pittbull arent even a race you fucktards! thats stuff like that made Ammstaff and Staffies restricted in Canada, that and ignorance! people missbreed all sort of mastiff type of dogs, make them dangerous by training for attack and called them pitt.. I got a Mixed breed of mastiff and boxer and people are calling her a pitt.. thats horrible. Now in Canada, we got trouble finding a breeder of english staffie and every town have rules against them..

  115. Do you know why there is more pittbull attack than others? because stupid ^people trained them to guard and attack... thats all, not because they are agresive, because they are fearless and were used to do stupid stuff... Lot of people are killed by gun every years, but do you ban guns to go hunting? fuck no.. but they kill so many.. Stupid people kill people, not guns or pitts or rotts..

  116. All of you that are bitching that Pit's do not have a locking jaw need to wake up. Every one knows that they have locking jaws. All you have to do is watch them when they close their jaws and you will see the silver masterlock come out and CLICK jaws are locked. LOL

  117. I have to agree with most of the comment posts I've seen on here. I've been around pits my entire life and I'm 22. My family and I breed pits and show them and have circulated through over 100 dogs on our property. I think it's very strange that I haven't had on incident of aggression shown towards my family or people that have visited our property with all the "vicious" dogs that we own. I think this person needs to do more research and not rely on what the media says. Horrible reporting, you should be ashamed.

  118. This article? Bull shit.
    However, it HAS been proven that pit bulls have the highest record of fatal dog bites and attacks.
    Don't get me wrong, i am a pit bull lover, i own two, i work at an animal shelter, and i would trust my life with my dogs. But they are so over-bred, and so many of them are in the hands of ignorant at best owners that by default it makes since. Both of my pits are rescued, fixed, licensed and friendly. I would trust them 100% to be alone with a kid. (Trusting the child is another matter) Pit bulls have it tough, and i think its because there are no restrictions on them, and they are way over-bred.

    Cities try BSL, but that only stops responsible owners from having one, and does not affect those who use them for protection or fighting.

    I could go on about this topic... I love my dogs, but this breed is NOT for everyone.

  119. Dear June 13, 2010 12:34 AM
    I did vote for Obama, thank you :D

    Also, I am a woman, and i do not have male genitalia, therefore can not have a 'limp dick'

    I am sorry if you have had a bad experience with a pit bull. It is unfortunate that most APBTs in the country are owned by people who do not know how to handle them. Those people do not have to be in poverty, i have had many well-off people come to me for help with their aggressive dogs.

    I am 65, and i have been training dogs since i was 17. I worked in an animal shelter for 8 years and have seen the best dogs, and the worst. I ended up starting my own pit-type rescue, called "Bullied into Love" where i take dogs with that need behavior modification and i turn them into seeing eye dogs, bomb dogs, professional weight pullers, fly-ball dogs, and many other canine professions. three of my dogs have even been sent over seas as military bomb dogs. Yes, American Pit Bull Terriers are climbing and clawing their way back to the top to America's mascot.

  120. Its a great pleasure to visit your site and to enjoy your excellent post here and gain more knowledge as well. I like them very much. I can feel that you paid much attention to those articles, as all of them make sense and are very useful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  121. Austin FordhamOctober 11, 2010

    I totally agree with the guys at the top of the comment list. Pits and Rotties are two of the best dog breeds ever. Both dogs are not aggressive by nature. Its all about how the owner trains them. If Pit bulls really were "the most dangerous dog in the U.S" then i wouldnt have one sitting on my lap as i type this

  122. I agree with regard to the issue of children being the most often bitten. My Alaskan Husky is a great, well taught, amazingly obedient canine for instance, and she's a huge softy. She is however, naturally protective of our yard, family members, and the other dogs. The other night, she was doing fine with a neighbor whom we met up with on a walk. The moment that her kid appeared, though, my dog became extremely defensive and began barking like mad. My neighbor acted dumbfounded, and she considered my dog "aggressive" all of the sudden (This is coming from a lady who's dog killed another neighbor's cat a couple of years ago *smh*). The thing is, my dog hates two of her kids for a reason, and it's because they came by our yard the other day and began taunting our dog while we were trying to walk her. They kept speeding by on skateboards and scooters, and they would antagonize her by barking at her and zipping around trying to mock her. In all honesty, wouldn't you hate someone who did that to you as well? Fortunately, my State has laws which protect dogs who attack in response to harassment, although I will do everything within my power to see that such a scenario NEVER unfolds in the first place. You would think that two kids with dogs would understand not to act like idiots around other canines, but apparently that's not the case with some of the children on my street (I knew about respecting animals since before I could even walk, so I don't understand these fools, seriously).

  123. Oh, my doggie is a big sweetie blah blah blah.

    My miniature Schnauzer will eat your fucking lunch and spit it back out into your face.

  124. Why would anyone buy a dog supposed to be more aggressive than the others? Answer: Insecurity
    A dog bites when feels insecurity, a man would buy a dog. In some countries pit-bulls are banned for a reason. Like one said above, it's not the animal's fault, but if your little daughter would be disfigured or killed by a pit-bull, you probably won't be so loving towards this breed. Why don't you buy a lion, as an alternative? You know, lion can be very tender and sweet sometimes...

  125. Any animal can be aggressive. I've been mauled by more cats than dogs, for instance, and those bites are very dangerous because of all the bacteria in their mouths.

    A six week old puppy is not going to attack you, regardless of the breed. A twelve week old puppy is not going to attack you. Five months and up is when males become slightly more aggressive, due to not being neutered. This is the prime time to begin training them for fighting/guarding/etc.

    These dogs made the lists not because they're inherently mean but because of their size and formidable reputations. I encountered two lost Amer Staff terriers on my morning run. I knew they were fighting dogs because of scars all over them. However, because I'm not afraid of dogs, I let them sniff my hand and they let me pet them. Was this stupid? Not really. True fighting dogs don't attack adults frequently. How do you think they're retrieved from the ring? Adults go inside and get them. Would I let my kids around them? Not likely, and I own an Amer Staff. She's amazing with my family.

    The rate of misidentification is amazing when it comes to pit bulls. The ER occurrence of pit bites is incredibly high, but the information the ER gains comes from the people presenting with the complaint. I'd say more than 3/4 of dogs are misidentified as pit bulls. I've only seen one aggressive actual pit bull, and even her owners were terrified of her. I'm not exactly sure why she was still breathing, because it was obvious she was crazy.

    As for June 13, 2010 12:34 AM, I did not vote for Obama. I also am a woman and thereby have no dick to be limp. We got our Amer Staff at animal control. She was found wandering the desert as a puppy. She was 12 weeks old when we got her, and is now 5. Because of restrictions on the breed in our future home, I've been forced to classify her as a lab mix. Do you know why that works?

    Because nobody can identify an actual pit.

    It's sad that a dog is confined to preconceived notions because of a) ignorant people or b) the few crazy dogs which exist within the breed.

  126. I cant believe a Malamute is listed... - they LOVE being with people (esp children) are not protective and will work for anyone who comes up to them.

  127. Who ever made this list must have been on something or is just stupid! i have a malamute and a chow i had a rottweiler a husky and a pitbull NONE were aggressive..seriously malamutes??? seriously?? they are by far the friendliest dogs ever they'd even welcome a thief into their own house u moron! regardless of the breed do not blame the dog blame the retarded owner who did something to that poor soul and made the dog that way. i hate ignorant people just like who ever made this list!

  128. The locking jaw of a pit-bull isn't in the literal term.... It's just a show of their strength and determination. The poster of this article clearly did not do much research. I currently own 2 pits and they are great dogs. It's all about owners. Most people with breeds such as pits and rotties treat them as weapons, so they become as such.

  129. Wow i must say.. I am an owner of three full grown pitbulls and 3 pups right now. And there the best dogs ever.. Smart and loyal..I also have a 3yrd old son and blue nose sleep together and when i go check on him during the night my dog will put her paw across my son to let me know she is keeping him safe.. Its all how you rasie your animals or pets.. Pitbulls are not bad dogs.. .. Labs how ever are the number 1 dogs biting people in my county...YES a FUCKING LAB.. not PITBULL.. how about that...

  130. Your an idiot. There are more dog bites each year from Labs then any other breed. Also, theres no such thing as a pitbull. So try again:

  131. Although it has been said by previous posters, I will repeat for the benefit of those who obviously learn better via repetition. All dogs are capable of biting and being aggressive, but the little ankle biter variety does much less damage when it is feeling piqued than the 50 pounds of pure muscle mass lunging toward you when it's having an bad day. These breeds are considered more dangerous because they are more likely to cause serious injury or death!

    Sure, behavior may be highly influenced by owners - good or bad - but you just can't erase centuries of breeding certain kinds of dogs to be aggressive. Some dogs are, by NATURE, more likely to bite or kill.

    In my opinion, it should be ILLEGAL everywhere to own animals (dogs, chimpanzees, exotic cats, etc.) that could beat you in a fight. In other words, if your pet is physically capable of killing or incapacitating you, OR you would be physically unable to prevent it from killing or incapacitating another HUMAN were it to attack, then you shouldn't be allowed to own it.


  132. Kim.....your an idot... any dog reguardless of size can cause serious injury or death. For example...I live on a farm, I own a English Staffodshire Terrier....or for those who don't know..a pitbull.. her name is Lotus. She lives only ten feet from where we keep chickens. Not too long ago a chicken flew in her pen....did she kill it? I mean with all those years of breeding you claim its encoded to do nothing but kill right? Well hate to dissapoint but she hearded it into her dog house then barked for someone so we could get it out of her kennel.
    Oh and the shocker....My son is guarded by her...when he gets too far away she will go lay closer and watch him if he cries she cries....they have been buddies since he was a baby she never leaves his side when he goes out and plays in the yard....yeah they are strong..they do not....DO NOT...have a locking jaw...nor a bad disposition besides they ones that people like you put them in all the dogs on this list are amazing pets to have and have never seen such an atrocious article..whoever wrote it can fuck a lightpost...and kim...stop..if you ever have an opinon on someting you have no experience with..dont makes you look foolish

  133. To the previous poster - you are just another example of someone whose rudeness is greater than his/her ability to debate in an intellectual way. There's no reason to resort to name-calling just because your opinion and mine differs.

    Of course, I'm pleased that you and many other people who have posted here has had such a good experience with these potentially dangerous dogs. Your anecdotal stories are heartwarming! However, statistics do not lie, and I stand by my argument. In addition, I DO have experience with these dogs. Specifically, I grew up around several german shepherds, pit bulls, eskimo spitz, and doberman pinschers, and I have seen first-hand the damage of which they are capable.

    In regards to the pitbull "locking jaw," once again - anatomically speaking, there is no mechanism. However, these animals possess very strong masseter and temporalis muscles that give them a powerful bite force. No one is suggesting the dog couldn't let go if he/she wanted to.

    Further, I never suggested that pit bulls and other powerful breeds are bloodthirsty and operate in a full-time kill mode. To be clear, any dog is capable of snapping and causing injury, but these breeds are more dangerous because if they do, the damage is more catastrophic.


  134. A thousand wonderful loving pit bulls are not worth the life of ONE human being.

  135. Dogs, in many ways, are like children. If you spoil them, they'll be spoiled, if you are bad to them, they'll be bad, but if you treat them properly they'll be the best friend you've ever had. This rule applies to all dogs, whether a pit bull or a toy poodle, it's just that some dogs need to be watched more closely. Pit bulls were bred for dog fights (which I strongly oppose to) but that doesn't mean they can't be good pets, with a responsible owner they can be excellent companions. I don't think the person who wrote this article meant "dangerous" by the potential to harm. Though, really, if you get down to it, each dog is an individual and doesn't always apply to breed standards, like people. For example, my friend has an Alaskan Malamute, and he's like a big cuddly teddy bear, while my golden retriever could take him down any day. Pit bulls, dobermans, german shepherds, and rottweilers alike have the ability to be great dogs, it is the person who takes the blame. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner.

  136. I love how people are so quick to condemn Pit Bulls. I love the fact that so many people that have read this have lashed out against it. I have three Pit Bulls of my own and volunteer with the Humane Society here in my middle Tennessee home. My wife and I do mostly Pit Bull rescues and have rarely found ones that are aggressive. There are so many flat out wrong statements in the writer's assessment of the breed that I can't even begin to discuss it. All I can say is that this is the reason we are fighting an uphill battle to change society's view of my beloved Pit Bull breed. BREED SMARTER PEOPLE, STOP BLAMING THE DOGS!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PIT BULL!

  137. Stupid, stupid, stupid article, written by an uninformed dumbass!!! Any dog has the potential to cause harm. It is up to the owner to SOCIALIZE his dog breed of choice, and this should be started as soon as the dog is brought into the home. Just like a child, the dog needs to be taught what is acceptable behaviour, and what is not. At a young age, dogs should experience any & every situation that it will experience throught it's life, so as to know what behaviour is acceptable. Any dog that shows aggressive behaviour must be taught at any early age that this is unacceptable, by the LEADER-OF-PACK! IT's OWNER!!! This must NOT be taught through physical aggression. The same as raising a child. Be a bully to your kid, the kid will become a bully. Dogs are pack animals, & look to the leader of the pack for guidance, as to what is expected of them. Dogs communicate between themselves through body language. If an owner is properly informed as to the reading of their pet's body language, many aggressive dog/dog, human/dog encounters can be prevented before there is a chance of any damage to either party involved. Dog owners need to educate themselves before they educate a dog. People buy puppies because they're cute, without knowing a damn thing about responsible dog ownership. That's like thinking, I own a Corvette (I don't) so I'm a great driver! Both have the potential to maim or kill in the wrong hands. As does a Yugo. It's just too bad that some breeds have been chosen by spinless wimps to make up for something lacking in their own character, because the dog is a so-called 'bully'. Then, they treat the animal in such a way as to perpetuate the myth surrounding the breed. (Did someone mutter Michael Vick?) Some dogs bite out of fear, or frustration, and this is brought about by the way a dog is treated or mistreated. These animals are ALWAYS on the defense, being afraid of humans & having no trust of them. The dog may focus this mistrust towards one person, or all people. We've all heard of kids being bitten by 'dangerous' dogs, but how many times did that kid poke at, or tease, the 'big mean dog' on the other side of the fence, where the kid felt safe enough to be the tough guy? It's the 'Fight or Flight' survival instinct in all animals, including humans. Dogs can't talk. They can't say 'No' or 'Stop', so they will give definite body language signals. If these are ignored, & the dog can't escape the situation, the only solution left for the dog is to fight back. Dogs learn through repetition. Before anyone judges a dog that has bitten someone, look at the circumstances, not the breed. ALL dog breeds have been created by man. ALL OF THEM. They were, each & everyone, created for a specific job to serve man. All dogs within a pack have a job, to better serve the pack. Man has used this trait to his own advantage. Certain breeds are bred for certain jobs. A dog without a job to do is a bad situation waiting to explode. It's called frustration, & confusion, on the dog's part. This why dogs need to be trained to know what is acceptable behaviour, & what is not. (...continued next post)

  138. (continued).O.K, O.K., you're asking, what kind of dog do I own? I have a 95lb. red Dobie, & he's not the first one I've had. I just like the breed. I love their intelligence & their trainability. He has a job. He's my perimeter security device. I live on acerage, & because of most people's prejudices, all he has to do is stand at the fence & bark. That's enough. But then a Chihuahua could do that too. No lowlifes will not have anything to do with a home that has a dog on the premises, no matter what the size. When my dog is walking with me, he has been taught what behaviour is acceptable & what is not. Because he is what he is, and what people's preconcieved notions of him are, due to his breed, he MUST be, has to be, the ambassador of his breed , in order to break down these prejudices people have against him. How many times have I been at a dog park with him & 20-30 other dogs around, & someone will point out my dog, out of all the others present, to their kids, & say "BEWARE OF THAT DOG". Like someone else said here... Don't judge a book by it's cover. Some people are just ignorant & they're passing along their uneducated prejudices onto their own kids, perpetuating urban myths. If the parents are willing to listen to calm common sense, in five minutes, the dog is giving them big wet kisses, & the kids are asking if they can ride him.(Sorry, no) Hollywood hasn't helped, either. Too many bad movies showing certain types of dogs as viscious. Stupid dog owners do not have stupid dogs. They have unpredictable dogs! Give a dog firm behaviour guidelines, good food, fresh water, a warm place to sleep, & a job to do, & you will experience the unconditional love that is rarely found in any relationship. They'll always be happy to see you. They wont borrow your truck and bring it back with an empty tank. They wont drink your last beer. They wont clean out your bank account, & they will always cover your ass & your stuff. UNCONDITIONALLY!!!

  139. It is the human being that is the most dangerous, HUMAN BEINGS who TRAIN their dogs to attack. Having owned most of these dogs listed, Pitt bulls and Rotts are two of the most loyal breeds, and they love you just as much-if not more than-what their owners love them. All animals defend themselves when they are forced to. Someone said below, "Don't judge a book by it's cover. Some people are just ignorant" Way to go you for being ignorant.

  140. If you think that dogs are dangerous, don't go near them. There wouldn't be any bites if stupid people stayed away from dogs. You want to get bitten? Go scare a dog. ANY DOG! Hell, I have a pug that will bite you if you poke him with a stick!

  141. Hey, Teshaun. Woild you happen to be a writer for 'The Media'? You're quite good at taking quotes out of context, and using them to your own advantage. Your comprehension of what I wrote is non-existant. Re-read it, and get a clue. If you are going to use someone else's quote, USE THE WHOLE QUOTE, not just the part that suits your own needs. You should be in politics. In other words, you ARE what I wrote. Humanus Ignoramus. Brilliantly demonstrated by your functionally illiterate use of the English language. If a dog is a reflection of their owner, then you have proven my point. Stupid people don't have stupid dogs, they have unpredictable dogs! That must be one dumbass, UNPREDICTABLE dog you own. And I don't care what breed it is.

  142. Darren HamptonDecember 28, 2010

    I 've owned several of the breeds mentioned and this is what I've found. Pit bulls don't seem to grow up until about 4 or 5 yrs old.
    It takes that long to get them out of the "throw the stick,George",mentality.I had a Doberman for 12 years. He was so lazy you couldn't blast him off the couch with a stick of dynamite.
    The most aggressive dogs that I have owned by far are red queensland heelers. I never had one that didn't bite somebody. Leave the Pits, Rotties, and Dobi's alone. If you want to get bit, go find about a 3 yr old female red queensland heeler and walk in her yard and then come back and tell me about the Pit Bulls.

  143. Really an informative post to see. I am also scared of these breed, as most of the times they have taken down their own owners to death. So we all should remember that always keep a safe distance from them. Thanks for posting.

  144. the only thing disturbing to "Dog Clothing" is that products on the site are completely incompatible with the dogs mentioned in the article, and most other dogs too if im honest. "taken down their own owners to DEATH!!?"

  145. 100% UNTRUE that Siberian Huskies are "intelligent" dogs by any measure. I have owned them my whole life, and as a prehistoric breed of dog they are very primitive, nowhere near as trainable or intelligent as most popular dog breeds. Author makes a lot of crap up rather than actually doing research.

  146. I will say that I am relieved that I read every last comment here. I have never owned a dog in my life, and wanted my children and I to have this experience of making one a part of our family! We have spent some time researching and actively being around them. We want to take it slow and gradually make the best decision and choice for everyone! This article scared the heck out of me..while 3 of the dogs listed for our 2,3, & 4th choices! I am glad I continued to do some research because I want to love my dog not fear that it will attack & chew us up to shreds... Thanks all who commented! good & bad

  147. I can only say that along with all the other comments that abad dog is reflected by its owner I have had german shephards for over twenty years and none have been dangerouse the one i have now was socailised at a young age.

    I would take him deliberately to Asdas and let him get used to children trollies etc etc.

    he plays with all the other dogs in the street as well as the kids in the park, and yes inside the house he becomes protective, but that is his training.
    I do not need a coller or a lead when we go out, that is how well behaved he is.
    any dog is potentionly dangerouse if put in the wrong situation
    since the author of this piece does not have a clue and it shows by the comments made on this site, perhaps he should write about the dangers of owning butterflies.


  148. I'm a dog lover. Always have been and always will be. With that said..I've nearly been attacked by pit bulls on 2; nearly 3 different occasions. And while we can say that the owners were the problem...I've been accosted by people's pomeranians, and cocker spaniels (I'm a jogger by the way), I'd much rather take my chances with an aggressive pomeranian or spaniel than with a pit or a rottie. I won't let me kids go on a playdate in a house with a the friendly family "pit bull" is roaming about. They go to the house with the pet dauchsund, even if it is an ankle biter. Better to be bit on the ankle than the face or throat!
    For those researching dogs for the family, consider looking into a Jack Russell!