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Emirates Palace was operated by the luxury hotel group Kempinski Hotels & Resorts. The world’s most expensive hotel was built and is owned by the Abu Dhabi government. The city, which is the United Arab Emirates’ capital makes a great impression on the Middle East corporate tourism being the biggest rival of Dubai. The 3 billion $ cost hotel was opened in 2005 and is a colossal standstone itself.

The seven star hotel shows the beauty of Arabian culture. Traditional decor is used inside mostly in silver, gold, marble and glass mosaics. The chandeliers are made of Swarovski crystal. There are 114 domes (including the Grand Atrium which is higher than the dome of St.Peter’s Basilica in Rome), 200 fountains, the luxurious and technologically advanced Conference Centre, The marvellous Blue Salon and so on. The simplest suite is called Palace Suite. Each of them contains at least three rooms and a 61″ plasma screen.

Located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the magnificent Emirates Palace is a national landmark and one of the most impressive hotels and conference venues ever built. Perfect for corporate and leisure travellers, Emirates Palace offers a variety of luxury services to suit every need, whether you come on vacation with your family or for a business meeting or international conference.

Emirates Palace is second to none in regards to recreational facilities. Unlimited avenues are available whether one is looking for family fun activities or to a more private time alone with ones spouse.

Emirates Palace offers palatial restaurants which bring the world’s finest cuisines. Gourmet meals for example exquisite seafood of the Sayad and magnificent view of the Gulf gives fabulous experience for the visitor. The Caviar Bar is also popular because of its world class champagne menu and caviar selections with live traditional music.

Conveniently located near major business quarters, shopping malls and local attractions, Emirates Palace is the ideal address for your business/leisure requirements during your stay in Abu Dhabi. Leading International Airline carriers operating from most of the major cities across the world have direct flights to Abu Dhabi thus making the emirate of Abu Dhabi easily accessible.

Hotel location
Abu Dhabi Airport 38 km (25 – 30 mins approx)
Dubai Airport 180 km (100-120 mins approx)
Abu Dhabi City Centre 3 km (5-10 mins approx)

Rooms & Suites
Each of the exceptional rooms and suites provides guests with uncompromising indulgence. These include 302 Grand Rooms, 40 splendid Khaleej & Khaleej Deluxe suites, 4 Royal Khaleej suites, 16 three-bedroom Palace Suites divisible into a total of 48 one-bedroom individual suites.

The Grand rooms, Khaleej & Khaleej Deluxe Suites & Royal Khaleej Suites are divided equally within the East & West Wings. Both Wings enjoy their respective Reception area, Beach Access, Swimming Pool, & Fitness Center.

The exclusive Palace suites are located in the centre of the Palace section itself and therefore provide the guest with ideal location whether for business / leisure requirements.

Inside every room & suite, the decor is a masterful blend of Arabian regal splendor and the latest technology. Decoration includes acres of gold leaf and the finest marble. The guest is given command of all room & suite appliances including lights, air conditioning & in room entertainment systems via a touch screen hand held control.

52-inch LCD screens in all room categories
61-inch LCD screens in all suite categories
Language preferences for the interactive LCD screen & hand held control can be set at reception upon check in of the guest
All rooms & suites have private balconies / terraces respectively
All rooms & suites enjoy Private Butler Service
Complimentary wireless internet (WIFI) connectivity up to 10 MB
AED 100 charge/day wireless internet (WIFI) connectivity up to 20 MB
All rooms & suites have personalized check in
All suites equipped with Laptops

Pool & Beach
A 1.3km private beach awaits the guests at the Emirates Palace. The white sandy beach access is only limited to in-house guests thus ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

The East Wing swimming pool is a relaxation pool complete with swim up pool bar, separate Jacuzzis & a covered children’s pool area.

The West Wing swimming pool is an adventure pool equipped with water slides, waterfalls, and a lazy river. A separate covered children’s pool area is also available.

The guests have access to both pools whilst staying at the Emirates Palace and therefore whether they are looking for family fun or secluded relaxation, Emirates Palace is the ultimate resort.

Fitness Suites
Emirates Palace has two Fitness Suites on the ground floor of the East & West Wings. The West has a larger variety of CV and Resistance equipment, together with two “Vibro gyms”, whilst the East has a large exercise floor space where most classes are offered. The predominance of equipment is from the Technogym range.

Being one of the word’s most prestigious hotels, Emirates Palace is a popular place for dignitaries and celebrities.

With its beautiful view and incredible luxury, the hotel became the crowning glory of Abu Dhabi!


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  1. What a dsigrace the government will pay all that money to please tourists and rich people but they will not do anything for their poor countrymen!

  2. better do a bit of research before posting.Abu Dhabi has a high Human Development Index, this is NO third world country.

  3. perhaps the first poseter has lived there and the second person hasn't

  4. maybe your all fat niggers

  5. maybe you should learn how to use words *you're^

  6. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    i agree abu dhabi palace hotel deserves 7 star.its most beautiful n historic look building ever i seen

  7. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    @first commenter
    I live in Abu Dhabi, and NO there is no poor people here. If you mean support other countries then yes, you might be right, but building 7 star hotels doesn't mean Abu Dhabi Government doesn't help people.

    BTW, I have been to this hotel (restaurants open to public) and it's truly magnificent.