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At Europa-Park, the vision of a united continent has taken shape a long time ago. Discover the most beautiful European countries first hand. Here, Europe is not just a spot on the map, it comes alive in the hearts of the guests.

An excursion into German history: Start your adventurous day at Europa-Park at the “Fountain of Encounters”, which is situated in front of the main entrance. Stroll through the “German Alley”with its splendid façades and the magnificent EP-Express station “Berlin Alexanderplatz”.

Discover the traces of German history and admire a fascinating panorama of typical German architecture. Brandenburg brick Gothic, Franconian half-timbered buildings, Saxon baroque style, Weimar neoclassicism and Southern German architectural styles characterize the alley with its shopping passage, which invites you to stroll, look and shop around.

Visit the “Antique German Fair”, have a look at an original piece of the “Berlin Wall” or relax in the SWR3 Rock-Café after a shopping tour through the typical German shops. Relax in our 550 year old Castle Park and enjoy sitting on the terrace of “Balthasar Castle”, which was built in 1442…

Welcome to „Merry Old England“! A triumphal arch, an elegant glass pavilion, the nostalgic merry-go-round with its antique hand-carved horses and the majestic statue of Queen Victoria – all this is waiting for you to be discovered in our English themed area!

Stroll past shooting galleries, an amusement arcade and a candy shop, before you get in one of the racing cars on the Silverstone Race-Track. One of the highlights at “Victoria Square” is the Globe, a replica of the original Shakespeare-Theater. Here, you can experience a combination of show and live-performance with a Shakespearian touch.

Big adventures and picturesque sceneries. Windmills belong to Holland just like Edamer cheese and Delft China! This is why a stately windmill is situated in the picturesque Dutch village at Europa-Park. But those who have a glimpse behind the scenes, also discover a real land of adventures!

When entering one of the boats in “Pirates in Batavia”, you will experience a pirates’ attack on a peaceful colony. Or let yourself be whirled around in a giant coffee cup, until you lose your sense of direction!

But also the little ones will have a lot of fun here in Holland: they can fly up and down with the Red Baron, go on a ride with the Mini-Scooters, ride the waves with Peter Pan or climb up inside a tower with a wobbly bridge and a spiral slide. And don’t miss the beautiful stage play “Off to Neverland”, which is performed in the new children’s theatre in the Dutch themed area.

And after all the excitement, you and your family can take a break in the “Dorfkrug”!

Enter the mystical empire in Eastern Europe. The golden domes of the orthodox churches gleam in the brilliance of their former glory.

Be a cosmonaut looking for clues in the Euro-Mir, a very extraordinary roller coaster. Or visit the Mir Space Station, an original setting of Russian space travel.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, we recommend the Russian village, where you can observe many traditional craftsmen at work.

The marketplace with its beautiful Reindeer-Fountain always bustles with activity. The view of the colourful wooden houses along a roaring torrent and the Norwegian stave church, where you can even get married, is just breathtaking. In addition, you can stroll along a shopping arcade with souvenir shops, snack bars and a fish restaurant – Scandinavia welcomes you with typical nordic hospitality.

The giant swingboat “Vindjammer” swings its daring passengers up and down, as if being on a stormy voyage. Children are delighted with Andersen’s fairy tale tower, the sunk city “Vineta” and of course the wobbly bridge.

But the real adventure can be found in the Fjord-Rafting! Enter a rolling round boat and float down a 600 metre long torrent, passing roaring waterfalls, treacherous rapids and a dark and misty grotto.

Over hill and dale in the Austrian themed area. A splashing ride is waiting for you in the Tirol Log Flume. First, you glide slowly through a diamond cave in a hollow tree trunk. Then you are pulled up and race down a roaring torrent. The splashing water is a welcome refreshment on hot summer days.

The Alpine Coaster “Enzian” invites you for a rapid ride through an adventurous world. Once you´re seated in the train, it takes you uphill and down dale, passing tight curves and steep descents. And after all the excitement, you can stroll through a “Magic World of Diamonds”, where you can watch hard-working goblins digging for diamonds.


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