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There are no limits to people's imagination, craziness and creativity as reflected in these bizarre constructions. See this original list of the world's strangest houses, some of which, we're pretty sure, you've never seen anywhere before.

1. Gingerbread House. Orlando. Florida. The USA.

Gingerbread House

2. Fairy chimney houses. Cappadocia. Turkey.

Fairy chimney houses

Fairy chimney houses, carved out of rocks in the Roman period, can be found in Göreme, a town in Cappadocia and an important monastic center between 300-1200 AD. The site comprises many rock-hewn churches and chapels, as well as some remnants of the underground cities.

3. Stone House. Portugal.

Stone House

The stone house in the Fafe mountains in northern Portugal was built in 1974. It was constructed between four large boulders found on the site.

4. Cube Houses. The Netherlands.

Cube Houses

The cube houses are located in Rotterdam and Helmond, the Netherlands. The complex was designed by Piet Blom in 1984.

5. Another Stone House. France.

Another Stone House

6. Red House. New Jersey. The USA.

Red House

7. The Mother Goose House. Kentucky. The USA.

The Mother Goose House

The house was constructed in 1940 in Hazard. Its windows are egg-shaped and the eyes are automobile headlights.

8. Inversion. Houston. The USA.

Inversion. Houston

A vortex installation known as Inversion was designed by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck at Art League Houston. It was made of two small houses scheduled for demolition.

9. The WM House. Copenhagen, Denmark.

The WM House

10. Icing House. Fuerteventura. Spain.

Icing House

11. Fat House.

Fat House

Designed by an Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, the Fat House is, actually, a life-sized building. It is part of the Fat series started by the artist in 2003.

12. Upside down House. Poland.

Upside down House

Designed by Daniela Czapiewski, the upside down house is located in the Education Centre in the village of Szymbark, Poland. It is supposed to be an artistic statement about the communist era in Poland and its impact on the Polish society.

13. Steel House. Texas. The USA.

Steel House

Designed by Robert Bruno, the steel house stands at the top of the Ransom Canyon, Texas, and is, actually, the artist's home. The construction of the house began in 1973 and since then the project has many times been revised.


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  1. 12. Upside down House. Poland.
    I thought that was in a German?

  2. "Gingerbread House" is really a very beautiful and attractive house. I am sure that the kids would love to have this house. Thanks for sharing it.